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You are an e-commerce company, web agency or hosting provider in search of hosting services at the highest level? We offer you full service which leaves nothing to be desired. You will be impressed! Convince yourself of our offers.

Managed Servers

  • Highly scalable hosting solution with dedicated hardware resources
  • Professional server management by experienced engineers, no Linux experience necessary
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Cloud Servers

  • Virtual servers based on high-performance Supermicro server hardware
  • First-class Gigabit connectivity
  • Simple and fast deployment
  • Premium customer portal for restarts and reinstallations
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Dedicated Servers

  • Your own physical server with full root access
  • Simple and fast deployment
  • High-performance Gigabit connectivity
  • Many Linux distributions at your choice
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  • Housing of your own servers and network equipiment in our state-of-the-art datacenter
  • Single rack units and private racks
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